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  American Civilization History Dr. Schulkin
  Daily Assignments First Quarter

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Explanation of Course Goals and Rationale

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Week of August 22

Aug. 22: Introduction and overview of U.S. History.    (Day 1)
Aug. 23: Discuss Turner, Katy Butler, Wyllie and Livesay.    (Day 2)
Aug. 24: Discuss "Disuniting" and "Inequality and the American Dream."    (Day 3)
Aug. 25: Read People, pp 1-3t; 5-7m; 9-14m.   Essay on introductory readings due.    (Day 4)

Week of August 28

Aug. 28: People, pp 20-22t; 25t-32m.   (Joint)    (Day 5)
Mini-lecture: land acquisition as background for King of King's County.
Aug. 29: Quiz over People, pp 32m-38m.   Discuss pp 39-44vt.   (Day 6)
Aug. 30: Read People, pp 44vt-51t and write brief essay: why two distinct societies?
Introduction to the DBQ.    (Day 7)
Aug. 31: Whitney Terrell presentation.   (Joint)    (Day 8)
Sept. 1: Read People, pp 51t-56.   (Documents lesson)    (Day 9)

Week of September 4

Sept. 4: Holiday.    Read People, pp 57-63.
Sept. 5: Read People, pp 64-73.   (Emphasize 69m-72m).   (Double History)    (Day 10)
Mini-lecture on immigration followed by
discussion of "The Emergence of a New, Distinctively American Society."
Sept. 6: People, pp 74-83m.    (Day 1)
Sept. 7: People, pp 83m-91.    (Day 2)
Sept. 8: People, pp 92-95m and review for major examination.    (Day 3)

Week of September 11

Sept. 11: Major examination.    (Day 4)
Sept. 12: Lecture: People, pp 95m-108.   (Bring your book to class).    (Day 5)
Sept. 13: People, pp 109-116vb.   Importance of "Republican Motherhood".    (Day 6)
Sept. 14: People, pp 116vb-122b and 1985 DBQ.    (Day 7)
Sept. 15: Founding Brothers, preface and ch. 1.   (Joint)    (Day 8)
Introduction to Founding Brothers project.
List of recommended Websites for project.

Week of September 18

Sept. 18: Reading quiz on Founding Brothers, Chapter Two.   (Joint)    (Day 9)
Sept. 19: Reading quiz on Founding Brothers, Chapter Three.   (Joint)    (Day 10)
Sept. 20: Reading quiz on Founding Brothers, Chapter Four.   (Joint)    (Day 1)
Sept. 21: Reading quiz on Founding Brothers, Chapter Five.   (Joint)    (Day 2)
Sept. 22: Founding Brothers, Chapter Six.   (Joint)    (Day 3)
Problem proposal with list of sources due.

Week of September 25

Sept. 25: People, pp 122b-137vb.   (Bring your book to class).    (Day 4)
Sept. 26: People, pp 142-149.    (Day 5)
Sept. 27: People, pp 149-158.    (Day 6)
Sept. 28: People, pp 159-167m.    (Day 7)
Sept. 29: First draft of Founding Brothers project due.    (Day 8)
Lecture: The Transportation Revolution.

Week of October 2

Oct. 2: Double English.    (Day 9)
Oct. 3: Essay:   "Did the American Revolution fundamentally change American society?" due.
Read People, pp 181-189m.   (Double History)    (Day 10)
Lecture: Changing Roles of Women, 1820-1860.
Oct. 4: Miller, introduction and chapter 1.    (Day 1)
Oct. 5: Miller, chapter 3.    (Day 2)
Oct. 6: Miller, chapter 4.   (Joint: 50/50)    (Day 1)

Week of October 9

Oct. 9: Holiday.
Oct. 10: Final draft of Founding Brothers project due.    (Day 2)
Lecture: Immigration.
Oct. 11: Miller, chapter 5.    (Day 1)
Oct. 12: PSAT prep.   (Double English)    (Day 2)
Oct. 13: Miller, chapter 6.    (Day 1)

Second Quarter Assignments

Week of October 16

Oct. 16: People, pp 189m-195m.    (Day 2)
Oct. 17: People, pp 175-179vt; 211b-216b.    (Day 3)
Oct. 18: PSAT
Oct. 19: M & R, II, sections 4-5.    (Day 4)
Oct. 20: M & R, II, sections 6-7.    (Day 5)

Week of October 23

Oct. 23: Review for major exam.    (Day 6)
Oct. 24: Major exam.    (Day 7)
Oct. 25: Mini-lecture:   Free People of Color, 1790-1860.   Begin video.    (Day 8)
Oct. 26: Video: Half Slave, Half Free.   (Double History)    (Day 9)
Oct. 27: In-Service Day.

Week of October 30

Oct. 30: Simulation: Economy and Society in 1830s America.   (Double History)    (Day 10)
In-class response to simulation.
Oct. 31: Double English   (Gordon).    (Day 1)
People, pp 195m-198; 236-241m.   (Salinger)
Nov. 1: People, pp 195m-198; 236-241m.   (Gordon)    (Day 2)
People, pp 241m-249vt.   (Salinger)
Nov. 2: Double English   (Gordon).    (Day 3)
People, pp 249vt-255.   (Salinger)
Nov. 3: People, pp 241m-249vt.   (Gordon)    (Day 4)
People, pp 249vt-255.   (Salinger)

Week of November 6

Nov. 6: People, pp 249vt-255.   (Gordon)    (Day 5)
"An American Tragedy," pp 1-6b.   (Salinger)
Nov. 7: Review for exam on Mexican War and its aftermath.    (Day 6)
Nov. 8: Essay exam on Mexican War and its aftermath.    (Day 7)
Nov. 9: "An American Tragedy," pp 1-6b.   (Gordon)
"An American Tragedy," pp 6b-12b.   (Salinger)    (Day 8)
Nov. 10: "An American Tragedy," pp 6b-12b.   (Gordon)
"An American Tragedy," pp 12b-16.   (Salinger)    (Day 9)

Week of November 13

Nov. 13: "An American Tragedy," pp 12b-16.   (Gordon)    (Day 10)
Discussion of Jubilee,  pp 1-8m. (Salinger)
Nov. 14: Discussion of Jubilee,  pp 1-8m.   (Gordon)    (Day 1)
Double English   (Salinger)
Nov. 15: Discussion of Jubilee,  pp 8m-16t.    (Day 2)
Nov. 16: Jubilee,  pp 16t-19.   Jubilee as an historical source.    (Day 3)
Nov. 17: "A Dream Betrayed."    (Day 4)

Week of November 20

Nov. 20: Examination of documents relating to Reconstruction.    (Day 1)
Nov. 21: Analysis of documents relating to Reconstruction.    (Day 2)

Week of November 27

Nov. 27: People, pp 299-308m.   (Gordon)    (Day 1)
Video: Glory (Joint)   (Salinger)
Nov. 28: Review for major examination.    (Day 2)
Nov. 29: Major examination.    (Day 3)
Nov. 30: People, pp 308m-316.   (Gordon)    (Day 4)
People, pp 299-308m.   (Salinger)
Dec. 1: People, pp 317-326m.   Begin lecture.   (Gordon)    (Day 5)
People, pp 308m-316.   (Salinger)

Week of December 4

Dec. 4: People, pp 326m-333t. Continue lecture.   (Gordon)    (Day 6)
Journal on Glory due.   Begin lecture.   (Salinger)
Dec. 5: Conclude lecture on Rise of Big Business.   (Gordon)    (Day 7)
People, pp 317-326m. Continue lecture. (Salinger)
Dec. 6: Double English.    (Day 8)
Read People, pp 326m-333t.   (Salinger)
Dec. 7: People, pp 333t-336 and review for multiple-choice quiz.    (Day 9)
Dec. 8: People, pp 337-345t.   Glory project due   (Gordon)    (Day 10)
Multiple-choice quiz.   (Salinger)

Week of December 11

Dec. 11: Multiple-choice quiz.   (Gordon)    (Day 1)
People, pp 337-345t.   Slides of urban life (Salinger)
Dec. 12: People, pp 345t-352m.   Lecture: Immigration.    (Day 2)
Video: Chinese immigration (bonus for Salinger's students).
Dec. 13: Lecture: The American Worker and the Rise of Labor Unions.    (Day 3)
Dec. 14: Review for semester exam.    (Day 4)
Dec. 15: Review for semester exam.    (Day 5)