AP U.S. History Dr. Schulkin
"Create Your Own DBQ" Assignment Sheet


           You will be working in groups of three or four students each on this assignment. You will be expected to divide the work load equitably among yourselves and make a group decision regarding my evaluation. You may choose to have the individual contribution of each member of the group evaluated separately or you may choose to have the final products evaluated as a whole with each member of the group receiving the same overall evaluation.

           Each group will be required to design a Document-Based Question dealing with an important historical issue during the years 1810-1860. You may not duplicate a question from a previous AP examination, nor one that has already been posted on the World Wide Web by another teacher, student or students. After formulating your question and compiling a set of between eight and ten relevant documents, each group will be required to compose a sample answer to its question, incorporating important background information as well as evidence from the documents themselves. Any individual student or group may then earn extra credit for posting its question, documents and sample answer to the World Wide Web and/or for assisting another group to complete this task.

        For an example of a DBQ created for the 2000 AP U.S. History Exam by a group of students in my AP U.S. History class, click here.

        For a list of Possible DBQs for the 2002 AP U.S. History Exam, click here.     

        For a list of recommended Web sites containing documents suitable for inclusion in an AP U.S. History DBQ, complete with hot links, click here.

        To look for print sources using the on-line catalogs of local libraries, click here.

       A sampling of student- and teacher-created AP U.S. History DBQs may be found on the Web at http://www.historyteacher.net/APUSHDBQsMainPage.htm