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Always Remember Mr. Schulkin
Daily Assignments Fall Semester

  Aug. 21 Aug. 27 Sept. 3 Sept. 10 Sept. 17 Sept. 24 Oct. 1 Oct. 8  
  Oct. 15 Oct. 22 Oct. 29 Nov. 5 Nov. 12 Nov. 19 Nov. 26 Dec. 3 Dec. 10  

Explanation of Course Goals and Rationale

Week of August 21

Aug. 22: Introduction:  Lessons and Misunderstandings.   What do you remember about German History?   (Day 2)
Hand out study guide to The Nazi Officer's Wife and discuss the historical context.
Aug. 24: Discussion of The Nazi Officer's Wife, chapters 1-3.   (Day 4)
Mini-lecture: Hitler's Rise to Power.


Week of August 27

Aug. 28: Discussion of The Nazi Officer's Wife, chapters 1-7.   (Day 6)
Reading quiz covering chapters 1-7.
Aug. 30: First Journal Entry due at the beginning of class.   (Day 8)
Discussion of The Nazi Officer's Wife, chapters 8-10.   Compare book with excerpts from video.


Week of September 3

Sept. 4: Discussion of The Nazi Officer's Wife, chapters 11-13.  
Reading quiz covering chapters 8-13.   Discuss paper assignment.   (Day 10)
Sept. 6: "Eyewitness with an Ax to Grind."   (Day 2)
Begin video: America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference.


Week of September 10

Sept. 10: Finish video: America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference.   (Day 4)
Paper on The Nazi Officer's Wife due.   Recommended: Auschwitz: A New History, pp 241t-248m.
Sept. 12: Lecture: "The Nazi Dictatorship," followed by examination of selected primary sources:   (Day 6)
Hossbach Memorandum
Message from SS-Grupenfuhrer Heydrich to all State Police Offices, November 10, 1938
Stenographic Report of the Meeting on the Jewish Question..., November 12, 1938
Hitler's Speech of January 30, 1939
Extra credit response to America and the Holocaust due.
Sept. 14: Discussion of Kershaw, "Hitler and the Holocaust."   (Day 8)


Week of September 17

Sept. 18: Auschwitz: A New History, pp 1-36t (emphasize 10-18; 31b-36t).   (Day 10)
Sept. 21: Auschwitz: A New History, pp 36t-55; 57-64b.   (Day 2)


Week of September 24

Sept. 25: Auschwitz: A New History, pp 64b-86t.   (Day 4)
Sept. 27: Video: Auschwitz--Inside the Nazi State.   (Day 6)
Read Auschwitz: A New History, pp 86t-107.


Week of October 1

Oct. 1: Discussion of Auschwitz: A New History, pp 86t-128.   (Day 8)
Compare with Marrus's interpretation of collaborators.
Oct. 3: Auschwitz: A New History, pp 129-135m; 139vb-164 (emphasize 146-155).   (Day 10)
Hand out essay topics for in-class essay on Auschwitz: A New History, chapters 1-3.
Oct. 5: In-class essay.   (Day 2)


Week of October 8

Oct. 10: Auschwitz: A New History, pp 165-177; 196b-210m.   (Day 2)
Oct. 12: Mini-lecture on Jewish resistance.   (Day 2)
Begin video: Escape From Sobibor.


Second Quarter Assignments

Week of October 15

Oct. 16: Finish video: Escape From Sobibor.   (Day 4)
Read Auschwitz: A New History, pp 210m-217; 219-241t.
Oct. 19: Video: Kitty: Return to Auschwitz.   (Day 6)
Journal response to Escape From Sobibor due.


Week of October 22

Oct. 23: Discussion of Night, pp 1-43 and the fate of the Hungarian Jews.   (Day 8)
Extra credit response to Kitty: Return to Auschwitz due.
Oct. 25: Night, pp 43-109.   Discuss paper assignment.   (Day 10)
Recommended: Auschwitz: A New History, pp 252vb-258.


Week of October 29

Oct. 29: Begin video: The Pianist.   (Day 2)
Paper on Night due.
Oct. 31: Read The Pianist, pp 7-60.   Continue video.   (Day 4)


Week of November 5

Nov. 5: Read The Pianist, pp 61-107.   Finish the video.   (Day 6).
Nov. 7: Discussion of The Pianist, pp 7-125.   (Day 8)
Reading quiz covering pp 7-125.
Nov. 9: The Pianist, pp 126-166.   (Day 10)


Week of November 12

Nov. 13: The Pianist, pp 167-208.   Discuss paper assignment.   (Day 2)
Nov. 15: Lecture: Perpetrators of the Holocaust.   (Day 4)


Week of November 19

Nov. 19: Paper on The Pianist due.   (Day 6)
Lecture on Perpetrators concluded.   Excerpts from video: The Wannsee Conference


Week of November 26

Nov. 26: Maus, volume I.   (Day 8)
Nov. 28: Maus, volume II.   (Day 10)
Nov. 30: Discussion of Maus, volumes I and II.   (Day 2)

Week of December 3

Dec. 4: The Complete Maus   (Meet in J310)   (Day 4)
Dec. 6: In-class essay on The Complete Maus.   (Day 6)


Week of December 10

Dec. 10: Nightfather, pp 1-88.   (Day 8)
Dec. 12: Nightfather, pp 89-136.   (Day 10)
Dec. 14: Comparison of Maus and Nightfather in preparation for final exam.   (Day 2)


         The final examination will consist of a single essay question comparing the strengths and weaknesses of Maus and Nightfather as depictions of both the Holocaust itself and the impact of the Holocaust on survivors and their children.    A required course evaluation will be due on the day of the exam.