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Always Remember

Mr. Schulkin

Daily Assignments

Spring Semester

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Explanation of Course Goals and Rationale

Week of January 10

Jan. 10: Introduction:   Remembering: Lessons and Misunderstandings   (Day 1)
Handout study guide to The Nazi Officer's Wife.
Jan. 12: What do you remember about pre-war Germany, the Versailles Treaty and the Weimar Republic?   (Day 3)
Lecture: Hitler's Rise to Power.
Jan. 14: First Journal Entry due at the beginning of class.   (Day 5)
Mini-lecture: Putting The Nazi Officer's Wife in Historical Context.   Discussion of chapters 1-7.


January 17

Jan 19: Reading quiz covering The Nazi Officer's Wife, chapters 1-7.   (Day 7)
Begin video The Nazi Officer's Wife.
Jan. 21: Finish watching video The Nazi Officer's Wife.   Compare video and book.   (Day 9)


Week of January 24

Jan. 25 Reading quiz covering The Nazi Officer's Wife, chapters 8-13.   (Day 1)
Discuss paper assignment.
Jan. 27: Discussion of "Eyewitness," pp 1-7b.   (Day 3)
Jan 28: Small Group Discussion of "Eyewitness," pp 7b-14.   (Day 5)


Week of January 31

Feb. 2: Video: America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference.   (Day 7)
Paper on The Nazi Officer's Wife due.
Feb. 4: Journal response to America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference due at the beginning of class.   (Day 9)
Lecture: The Nazi Dictatorship.


Week of February 7

Feb. 8: Small Group Discussion of Kershaw, "Hitler and the Holocaust."   (Day 1)
Feb. 10: Lecture: Differing Interpretations of the Origin of the Final Solution.   (Day 3)
Begin exam review.


Week of February 14

Feb. 14: Discussion of "Major Issues in the Study of the Holocaust," part II.   (Day 5)
Continue exam review.
Feb. 16: Essay exam on Origins of Final Solution or Germany's Collaborators.   (Day 7)


Week of February 21

Feb. 22: Night, 1-43.   (Day 9)
Feb. 24: Night, 43-109.   Discuss paper assignment.   (Day 1)


Week of February 28

Feb. 28: Photo Tour of Nazi Camps.   (Day 3)
March 2: Video: Kitty: Return to Auschwitz.   (Day 5)
Paper on Night due.
March 4: Lecture: Jewish Resistance.   (Day 7)
Journal response to Kitty: Return to Auschwitz due.


Week of March 7

March 8: Begin video Escape From Sobibor.   (Day 9)
March 10: Conclude and discuss video Escape From Sobibor in class.   (Day 1)


Week of March 14

March 14: Begin film The Pianist   (Day 3)
March 16: Continue film The Pianist.   (Day 5)
Journal response to Escape From Sobibor due at the beginning of class.
March 18: Read Ordinary Men, preface and chapters 1 and 4.   (Day 7)
Finish and discuss film The Pianist.

Fourth Quarter Assignments


Week of April 4

April 4: Review Ordinary Men, preface and chapters 1 and 4.   (Day 1)
Mini-Lecture: Why are we reading most of Ordinary Men?
Journal response to film The Pianist due at beginning of class.
April 6: Ordinary Men, chapters 5-8.   (Day 3)
April 8: Ordinary Men, chapters 9-13.   (Day 5)


Week of April 11

April 12: Ordinary Men, chapters 14-17.
Hand out paper assignment.   (Day 7)
April 14: Mini-lecture:   What have we learned from reading Ordinary Men?   (Day 9)
Reading of Ordinary Men, chapter 18 recommended.   Discuss paper assignment.


Week of April 18

April 18 Begin film Europa, Europa.   (Day 1)
April 20: Conclude and discuss film Europa, Europa.   (Day 3)
Paper on Ordinary Men due.
April 22: Maus, volume I.   (Day 5)


Week of April 25

April 26: Discuss depiction of the Holocaust in Maus, volumes I and II.   (Day 7)
April 28: Discussion of Maus, volume II.   (Day 9)
Journal response to Europa, Europa due.


Week of May 2

May. 2: Discussion of Maus, volumes I and II.   (Day 1)
May. 4: The Complete Maus.   (Meet in computer lab).   (Day 3)
May. 6: Discussion of The Complete Maus.   In-class essay response.   (Day 5)

Week of May 9

May. 10: Discussion with Dr. Sternberg of growing up as the child of a Holocaust survivor.   (Day 7)
May. 12: Nightfather, pp 1-88.   (Day 9)


Week of May 16

May. 16: Nightfather, pp 89-136.   (Day 1)
May. 18: Comparison of Maus and Nightfather in preparation for final exam.   (Day 3)
May. 20: Review for Final examination.   (Day 5)


Week of May 23

May. 23: Reading Day

         The final examination will consist of a single essay question comparing the strengths and weaknesses of Maus and Nightfather as depictions of both the Holocaust itself and the impact of the Holocaust on survivors and their children.    A required course evaluation will be due on the day of the exam.