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Always Remember Mr. Schulkin
Daily Assignments Fall Semester

  Aug. 29 Sept. 5 Sept. 12 Sept. 19 Sept. 26 Oct. 3 Oct. 10 Oct. 17  
  Oct. 24 Oct. 31 Nov. 7 Nov. 14 Nov. 21 Nov. 28 Dec. 5 Dec. 12  

Explanation of Course Goals and Rationale

Week of August 29

Aug. 29: Introduction:   Remembering: Lessons and Misunderstandings   (Day 1)
Handout study guide to The Nazi Officer's Wife and discuss the historical context.
Aug. 30: What do you remember about Imperial Germany and the Weimar Republic?   (Day 1)
Mini-lecture: Hitler's Rise to Power.
Sept. 1: Reading quiz covering The Nazi Officer's Wife, chapters 1-7.   (Day 3)
Begin video: The Nazi Officer's Wife.


Week of September 5

Sept 6: First Journal Entry due at the beginning of class.   (Day 5)
Finish video: The Nazi Officer's Wife.   Compare video with book.
Sept. 8: Reading quiz covering The Nazi Officer's Wife, chapters 8-13.  
Discuss paper assignment.   Mini-lecture: "Eyewitness with an Ax to Grind."   (Day 7)


Week of September 12

Sept: 12 Discussion of the Hossbach Memorandum and other primary sources.   (Day 9)
Message from SS-Grupenfuhrer Heydrich to all State Police Offices, November 10, 1938
Stenographic Report of the Meeting on the Jewish Question..., November 12, 1938
Hitler's Speech of January 30, 1939

Sept. 14: Video: America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference.   (Day 1)
Read Auschwitz: A New History, pp 241t-248m.
Sept 16: Conclude video: America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference.   (Day 3)
Write in-class response to video.


Week of September 19

Sept. 20: Paper on The Nazi Officer's Wife due.   Lecture: The Nazi Dictatorship.   (Day 5)
Sept. 22: Small Group Discussion of Kershaw, "Hitler and the Holocaust."   (Day 7)


Week of September 26

Sept. 26: Auschwitz: A New History, pp 1-36t (emphasize 10-18; 31b-36t).   (Day 9)
Sept. 28: Auschwitz: A New History, pp 36t-55; 57-64b.   (Day 1)
Sept. 30: Auschwitz: A New History, pp 64b-86t.   (Day 3)


Week of October 3

Oct. 4: Video: Auschwitz--Inside the Nazi State.   (Day 5)
Read Auschwitz: A New History, pp 86t-107.
Oct. 6: Discussion of Auschwitz: A New History, pp 86t-128.   (Day 7)
Compare with Marrus's interpretation of collaborators.


Week of October 10

Oct. 11: Auschwitz: A New History, pp 129-135m; 139vb-164 (emphasize 146-155).   (Day 9)
Hand out essay topics for in-class essay on Auschwitz: A New History, chapters 1-3.
Oct. 14: In-class essay.   (Day 1)


Week of October 17

Oct. 18: Auschwitz: A New History, pp 165-177; 196b-210m.   (Day 1)
Oct. 20: Mini-lecture on Jewish resistance.   (Day 1)
Begin video: Escape From Sobibor.


Second Quarter Assignments

Week of October 24

Oct. 24: Finish video: Escape From Sobibor.   (Day 1)
Read Auschwitz: A New History, pp 210m-217; 219-241t.
Oct. 26: Discussion of Night, pp 1-43 and the fate of the Hungarian Jews.   (Day 3)
Extra credit response to Escape From Sobibor due.


Week of October 31

Oct. 31: Night, pp 43-109.   Discuss paper assignment.   (Day 5)
Nov. 2: Ordinary Men, preface, chapters 1 and 5.   Auschwitz: A New History, pp 252vb-258.   (Day 7)
Nov. 4: Video: Kitty: Return to Auschwitz.   (Day 9)
Paper on Night due.


Week of November 7

Nov. 8: Ordinary Men, chapters 6-9.   (Day 1)
Extra credit response to Kitty: Return to Auschwitz due.
Nov. 10: Ordinary Men, chapters 10-11 and pp 111b-146.   (Day 3)
Discussion of paper assignment on depictions of the Perpetrators.
Begin video: The Wannsee Conference.


Week of November 14

Nov. 14: Finish video: The Wannsee Conference.   (Day 5)
Read Ordinary Men, pp 149vb-152b; 174t-175t; 176b-179t; 182m-189.
Nov. 16: Maus, volume I.   (Day 7)
Nov. 18: Maus, volume II.   (Day 9)


Week of November 21

Nov. 22: Discussion of Maus, volumes I and II.   (Day 1)
Paper on Perpetrators of the Holocaust due.


Week of November 28

Nov. 28: The Complete Maus.   (Meet in computer lab).   (Day 1)
Nov. 30: Journal response to The Complete Maus due.   (Day 3)
Discussion with Dr. Sternberg of growing up as the child of a Holocaust survivor.
Dec. 2: Nightfather, pp 1-88.   (Day 5)


Week of December 5

Dec. 6: Nightfather, pp 89-136.   (Day 7)
Dec. 8: Comparison of Maus and Nightfather in preparation for final exam.   (Day 9)

Week of December 12

Dec. 12: Reading Day.


         The final examination will consist of a single essay question comparing the strengths and weaknesses of Maus and Nightfather as depictions of both the Holocaust itself and the impact of the Holocaust on survivors and their children.    A required course evaluation will be due on the day of the exam.