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Always Remember

Mr. Schulkin

Daily Assignments

Spring Semester

Jan. 14     Jan. 21     Jan. 28      Feb. 4      Feb. 11    Feb. 18     Feb. 25      March 4     March 11

April 1     April. 8     April 15    April 22    April 29    May 6       May 13      May 20                

Explanation of Course Goals and Rationale

Week of January 14

Jan. 14:    Introduction:   Remembering the Holocaust   (Day 1)

Jan. 16:    Friedrich, pp 1-74t.   Discuss in conjunction with primary sources.   (Day 3)

Jan. 18:    Friedrich, pp 74t-138;   "Eyewitness," pp 1-2.   Compare Fiction and Memoir.   (Day 5)

Week of January 21

Jan. 23:    "Eyewitness," pp 3-10m.   First Journal Entry due.    (Day 7)

Jan. 25:    "Eyewitness," pp 10m-14.   Simulation: "Jews and Gentiles in Germany 1933-39."   (Day 9)


Week of January 28

Jan. 29:    Memory and the World Wide Web.   (Meet in the computer lab)
                  Learning Site for Students: Jews in Pre-War Germany.   (Day 1)

Jan. 31:    Paper on Friedrich, "Eyewitness," and simulation due.   (Meet in computer lab)   (Day 3)
                 Kristallnacht: What kind of a turning point?
                 The Hossbach Memorandum, November 10, 1937
                 Jewish Virtual Library's Interpretation
                 The Simon Wiesenthal Center's Interpretation

Week of February 4

Feb. 4:      Lecture: The Nazi Dictatorship.   (Day 5)

Feb. 6:      In-class essay: Kristallnacht: What kind of a turning point?   (Day 7)

Feb. 8:      Discussion of "Major Issues in the Study of the Holocaust," part I.   (Day 9)
                  Mini-lecture: New Perspectives on "The Final Solution."

Week of February 11

Feb. 12:     Small Group Discussion of Kershaw, "Hitler and the Holocaust."   (Day 1)

Feb. 14:     Discussion of "Major Issues in the Study of the Holocaust," part II.   (Day 3)

Week of February 18

Feb. 20:      Review for exam on "Major Issues."   (Day 5)

Feb. 22:       Essay exam on "Major Issues."   (Day 7)

Week of February 25

Feb. 26:       Au Revoir Les Enfants.   (Day 9)

Feb. 28:       Au Revoir Les Enfants.   (Day 1)

Week of March 4

March 4:     Weapons of the Spirit.   Journal entry on Au Revoir Les Enfants due.   (Day 3)

March 6:     Night, 1-43.   (Day 5)

March 8:     Night, 43-109.   Discuss paper assignment.   (Day 7)

Week of March 11

March 12:     Paper on Night due.   Video: Kitty: Return to Auschwitz.   (Day 9)
March 14:    Photo Tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau.   Comparisons with Levi.  (Day 1)
                     Journal response to Kitty: Return to Auschwitz due.

Fourth Quarter Assignments

Week of April 1

April 1:          Lecture: Jewish Resistance.   (Day 1)

April 3:          Film:  Escape From Sobibor.   (Day 3)

April 5:          Film:  Escape From Sobibor.   (Day 5)

Week of April 8

April 9:          Ordinary Men, preface and chapters 1-4.    Journal entry on Escape From Sobibor due.   (Day 7)

April 11:        Ordinary Men, chapters 5-8.   (Day 9)


Week of April 15

April 15:        Ordinary Men, chapters 9-13.   (Day 1)

April 17:        Ordinary Men, chapters 14-17.   Hand out paper assignment.   (Day 3)

April 19:        Ordinary Men, chapter 18.   Discuss paper assignment.   (Day 5)

Week of April 22

April 23:        Film: Europa, Europa.   (Day 7)

April 25:        Film: Europa, Europa.   Paper on Ordinary Men due.   (Day 9)

Week of April 29

April 29:         Maus, volume I.   (Day 1)

May 1:           Maus, volume II.   (Day 3)

May 3:           The Complete Maus.   Journal entry on Europa, Europa due.   (Meet in computer lab)   (Day 5)

Week of May 6

May 7:           Discussion of The Complete Maus.    In-class essay.   (Day 7)

May 9:           Nightfather, pp 1-88.   (Day 9)

Week of May 13

May 13:         Nightfather, pp 89-136.   (Day 1)

May 15:         Comparison of Maus and Nightfather.   (Day 3)

May 17:         Review for final examination.   (Day 5)

Week of May 20

May 20:         Senior Reading Day.   (Day 6)

The final exam will consist of a single essay question comparing the impact of the Holocaust on survivors and their children as depicted in Maus and Nightfather.    A required course evaluation will be due on the day of the exam.