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A.P. U.S. History Dr. Schulkin
Daily Assignments Third Quarter

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Week of January 12

Jan. 12: Introduction to Semester II.   (Joint Meeting)
Potential Research Paper Sites ->->->->->->
Jan. 13: People, pp 509-517t and part I of WHDC materials.
Guides to Searching the Web ->->->->->->
Jan. 14: People, pp 517t-523b and part II of WHDC materials.
Catalogs of Local Libraries ->->->->->->
Jan. 15: People, pp 523b-529 and remaining WHDC materials.   (Double History)
Jan. 16: Trip to White House Decision Center. 

Week of January 19

Jan. 19 Holiday.
Jan. 20: Research problem proposal with list of potential sources due.
Read People, pp 308-316m.
Jan. 21: Response to simulation experience at WHDC due.
Lecture:  Industrial Growth and the Rise of Big Business.
Jan. 22: People, pp 316m-322t.   Lecture:  Industrial Growth and the Rise of Big Business.
Jan. 23: People, pp 322t-325.  Multiple-choice quiz.

Week of January 26

Jan. 26: People, pp 326-334b.   Video: Immigrant Experience.
Jan. 27: People, pp 334b-342t.
Jan. 28: Plain Folk, pp 3-13.   Discussion of autobiography.
Jan. 29: Plain Folk, pp 22-34.    Lecture: Immigration.
Jan. 30: Plain Folk, pp 37-48.    Lecture: "The Breadgivers."

Week of February 2

Feb. 2: Plain Folk, pp 49-57; 124-131.
Feb. 3: Plain Folk, pp 97-114.
Feb. 4: Plain Folk, pp 132-147.   Fishbowl Debate.
Feb. 5: Plain Folk, pp 164-175.   Discussion of Plain Folk.
Feb. 6: Thesis, outline and list of works consulted due.   Research paper interviews begin.

Week of February 9

Feb. 9: Research paper interviews.   Work on research paper.
Feb. 10: Research paper interviews.   Work on research paper.
Feb. 11: In-class essay on Plain Folk.
Feb. 12: People, pp 347-355b.
Feb. 13: No class.   In-service day.

Week of February 16

Feb. 16: Holiday.
Feb. 17: People, pp 355b-362.
Feb. 18: First Draft of research paper due.    Introduction to Progressivism.
Bring your textbook to class.
Feb. 19: "Up From Slavery?," pp 1-6t.
Feb. 20: "Up From Slavery?," pp 6t-12.

Week of February 23

Feb. 23: Review for mid-term examination.
Feb. 24: Mid-term examination.   (Joint: 60/40)
Feb. 25: People, pp 375-381.
Feb. 26: People, pp 382-391b (emphasize 387-391b).
Feb. 27: People, pp 391b-397.

Week of March 1

March 1: Final draft of term paper due.   Lecture: The Women's Suffrage Movement.
March 2: People, pp 398-404m.
March 3: People, pp 404m-414 (emphasize 410-414).
March 4: People, pp 416-423t.
March 5: People, pp 425m-432b.

Week of March 8

March 8: Review People, chapter 21, and read AMSCO review book, chapter 21.
Lecture: The Harlem Renaissance.
March 9: In-class DBQ on Progressivism.
March 10: Rise of the Ghetto, pp 1-6.
March 11: People, pp 434-443t.
March 12: People, pp 443t-450m.

Fourth Quarter Assignments

Week of March 29

March 29: People, pp 450m-453.    Introduction to the OHP.
Video: FDR and the New Deal.
March 30: People, pp 454-463t.
March 31: People, pp 463t-470.
April 1: Video: The Homefront.   (Double History)
Read People, pp 471-478b; 479m-481m; 483-487b.
April 2: Double English.

Week of April 5

April 5: People, pp 489-497.   Problem and List of Sources for OHP due.
April 6: People, pp 498-508.   (Emphasize 498-500;  506-508.)
April 7: Review People, chapter 29.   Essay on The Homefront due.
April 8: Review for mid-term examination.
April 9: Mid-term examination.

Week of April 12

April 12: People, pp 530-538t.
April 13: People, pp 538t-546b.
April 14: People, pp 548-557b.
April 15: People, pp 557b-564m.
April 16: Video: The Vietnam War.   Read AMSCO, pp 605b-611b; 619-621b.

Week of April 19

April 19: AMSCO, pp 23-38t.   Lecture: Changing Shape of Woman's Sphere.
April 20: AMSCO, pp 42-55.   Lecture: Changing Roles of Women and the Women's Movement.
April 21: Review for the AP exam.
April 22: Review for the AP exam.
April 23: Review for the AP exam.

Week of April 26

April 26: Final Draft of OHP due.
April 27: Review for the AP exam.
April 28: Review for the AP exam.   (Double History)
April 29: Review for the AP exam.
April 30: Review for the AP exam.   (Double History)

Week of May 3

May 3: Review for the AP exam.
May 4: Review for the AP exam.
May 5: Review for the AP exam.
May 6: Review for the AP exam.   Optional evening review session.
May 7: AP exam.

Week of May 10

May 10: Breaking Through, pp 1-28.
May 11: Breaking Through, pp 29-60.
May 12: Breaking Through, pp 61-93.
May 13: Breaking Through, pp 94-126.
May 14: Breaking Through, pp 127-162.


Week of May 17

May 17: Breaking Through, pp 163-195.
May 18: Joint project.
May 19: Joint project.
May 20: Joint project.
May 21: Joint project.