A Select Annotated Webography for Teaching AP U.S. History

History Matters
Center for History and New Media (George Mason University)

The most valuable "gateway" to Web-based resources for teaching the U.S. History survey.   Particularly valuable for its annotated list of Web sites (www.history...), selection of sample Web-based lessons (digital blackboard) and collection of primary documents emphasizing the experience of "ordinary" Americans (many pasts) sections.

American History: Civil War to Present
Univ. of Madison, WI

An excellent example of a dynamic syllabus.   Worth examining for any teacher wishing to construct one of his/her own.

AP United States History
Carl Schulkin, Pembroke Hill School

A teaching Web site for AP U.S. History created by a high school teacher.

The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil war
Edward Ayres, University of Virginia

Perhaps the finest teaching Web site currently available. Contains excellent collections of primary sources, teaching suggestions, sample lesson plans and examples of student projects.

Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School

An extensive collection of documents from ancient times to the present with primary emphasis on the Anglo-American tradition.

A Chronology of US Historical Documents
University of Oklahoma College of Law

A convenient place to find key documents in U.S. political and diplomatic history from pre-colonial times to the present.

Nineteenth Century Documents
Furman University

An excellent collection of political documents which focuses primarily on the Sectional Crisis and the Civil War.

Africans in America

Created to accompany the four part series on "America's journey through slavery," the "Resource Bank" sections of this companion contain a wealth of relevant primary sources.

Documenting the American South: North American Slave Narratives
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library

A convenient place to find the complete electronic text of every major slave narrative.   Contains a helpful introduction to the slave narrative by William L. Andrews, one of the foremost authorities on this genre.

Excerpts from Slave Narratives
Steven Mintz, University of Houston

A convenient place to find carefully selected excerpts for those instructors who do not have the time or do not wish to assign an entire book-length narrative.

New Deal Network
Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute

A good place to send students who wish to do research on selected aspects of the New Deal.   It contains more than 900 texts, more than 5000 images and a number of interesting, featured projects.

Japanese-American Internment
C. John Yu, MIT Alumnus

An excellent place to send students who wish to do research on the treatment of Japanese-Americans during the Second World War.   Provides an extensive set of links to other Web sites and to relevant Web-based primary sources.

Multimedia Digital Archives
Truman Presidential Museum & Library

One of the finest teaching Web sites currently available.   Contains a series of extensive collections of primary sources originally produced by Project Whistlestop.   Covers not only the major decisions of Truman's presidency in both domestic and foreign policy, but also "the Incarceration of Japanese-Americans During World War II."   Sample lesson plans can be found in the "Teacher Resource" portion of the "Education" section of the Web site.

The Wars for Vietnam, 1945-75
Vassar College

The best place to find a concise Web-based account and primary sources relating to United States involvement in the War in Vietnam.